Turning your unique story into powerful images.

Product shots

Still life product images aim to show your product in details, while also sharing their story - by incorporating specific colors, textures, elements...
These are great for product pages & social platforms!

Monthly package available

Starting at $200

Content creation / with models

Are you launching a new collection, a new product and need lively content?
I offer lifestyle and/or editorial photoshoots, in a studio and/or at the place of your choice.

Let's get in touch!

Starting at $400

Branding Portraits

Showing yourself to your customers is important in order to create online trust.

Your choice of portraits, lifestyle photography, product shots & creation process.

Starting at $325

product photoshoot, what you need to know :

what is a product photoshoot?

A product shoot consists of photographing your products and highlighting your craftsmanship.

It is an extension of your visual identity, therefore, the images from your product shoot must align with your brand and include key elements.

still life photography

I do not offer the production of pure e-commerce pack-shot photos on a white background.

However, I do offer still life photography - which can be taken on a neutral or colored and/or textured background, with the incorporation of a few elements. I will make sure that everything I pick is discussed with you, and aligns with the identity of your brand.

what kind of images should i ask for?

It all depends on the story you want to tell.

I do offer a package where you can mix both still life shots & lifestyle shots. I can produce enough different images to allow you to have cohesive but various content over time.

what about video shots?

Short videos will allow you to give a whole new dimension to your products, but they are also great to complete the product pages on your e-shop.

Video shots will also allow you to create additional content to share on social media (reels, videos, stories...).

recent testimonials

Laura Elizabeth Jewelry

“I was just looking at everything! Oh my god! I love it all. These photos are incredible, Marine!
The framing is amazing.
Everything is so crisp and clean. It looks so on brand.
Thank you!!”

My approach

1/ a first contact

By email or by phone, we will talk about your project, your goals and your desires for the next photoshoot of your collection.

Fell free to tell me the story of your brand, your products, your creation process, the more details the better!

2/ Your quote

After identifying your needs, I will establish a custom quote.

3/ questions

After the validation of your quote, I will work with you around the history of your brand, colors that inspire you and your visual references, in order to prepare a mood-board for your products' photoshoot.

4/ Production

Once the mood-board has been created, I will help take care of the production of your photoshoot, and can set up the most suited team for your project (place, model, MUAH...)

5/ Your photoshoot

On production day, I can take care of the entire styling of your photoshoot, in your presence or remotely, in a photo studio or elsewhere!

6/ Photo release

After your photoshoot, the images will be delivered to you in HD or Web format on a secure online gallery.

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