Hi, I'm Marine!

I am a French Brand & wedding Photographer now based in Central Texas.

My very first memory holding a camera goes back to when I was about 7 years old. I was taking pictures of an ant pile outside my grandma's beach house with her disposable camera. She got so mad at me for wasting her film haha!

I genuinely fell in love with photography years later, during a family stroll in the streets of Paris. I had borrowed my dad's DSLR camera and started taking pictures of everything I found beautiful. Photography quickly became my new favorite hobby - and I will forever cherish these moments spent with my dad teaching me all about ISO and the rule of third.

If I’m not behind the camera, I’m probably in front of it modelling my own outfits for the Gram - or taking a nap with my fur baby Kodak.

I created Marine Barian Photo out of passion for photography, styling, and the desire to help businesses grow. Finding the best ways to make my subject stand out & connecting with other creatives/entrepreneurs bring me so much joy!

Anyways, thank you for stopping by! Hope to connect with you soon!