Hi, I am Marine!

I am a France based Commercial Photographer & Content Creator. I was actually born in north of France, and grew up near Dijon - yes, the city of mustard!

My very first memory holding a camera goes back to when I was about 7 years old. I was taking pictures of an ant pile outside my grandma's beach house with her Kodak camera. She got so mad at me for wasting her film!

I genuinely fell in love with photography years later, during a family stroll in the streets of Paris. I had borrowed my dad's DSLR camera and started taking pictures of everything I found beautiful. It became a father and daughter bond, and as I developed a passion for this art, my dad taught me everything he knew.

My second biggest passion is fashion and styling - I even have a fashion blog. I decided to become a fashion photographer to combine both of my passions! I have also developed a big interest for social media where I perform exceptionally well at telling a story through beautiful images.

My biggest sensibility is Beauty. My mission with photography is to reveal the Beauty in any person, in any object, and in any circumstance. This is how I define my "french touch". :)

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